Felony and Misdemeanor

Every client deserves the best criminal defense possible, and we are unwavering in our “commitment to justice for all.”

From the time that you are charged with a felony crime or misdemeanor offense, you have a constitutional right to legal counsel for every stage of your proceedings. When you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, you probably feel overwhelmed and may have given up hope. It is important to remember that, by law, you are innocent unless you are proven guilty. The best thing you can do is to retain an experienced attorney to proactively begin building your case. As a knowledgeable advocate, we will guide you through the Illinois criminal justice system, personally handling all aspects of your felony case and answering all questions you have during the process.

We skillfully handle the following kinds felony and misdemeanor cases:

      • Murder
      • Armed robbery
      • Aggravated assault and battery
      • Sex offenses

If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime and need representation in Cook, Will or DuPage Counties, call Donald DeWilkins to discuss your legal rights and options, today at (708) 349-5611.

*Case results depend on specific details of each investigation.