Traffic Offenses

From the initial investigation through to the resolution of your case, the Law Offices of Donald DeWilkins will be by your side advocating your interests.

Most people who get traffic tickets or get caught driving on a suspended/revoked license don’t understand the impact to their driving privileges. If you have been recently ticketed, in an auto accident, or arrested for a driving violation for the first time, you may wonder what is going to happen next and what you will have to do. These seemingly small matters can become big problems such as heavy fines, increased auto insurance premiums, jail time and criminal conviction if not properly addressed. It is important to seek aggressive legal representation from a attorney to help you throughout the process.

Our skilled and resourceful criminal law attorney routinely handles traffic offense cases involving:

      • Speeding or reckless driving
      • Speeding in a construction zone
      • Running a red light or stop sign
      • Driving with a revoked or suspended driver’s licenses
      • Driving on an expired registration or plates
      • Driving without proof of insurance
      • Hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident
      • Vehicular homicide (reckless homicide)
      • Revoked/Suspended Driver’s License
      • Aggravated Speeding
      • Drag Racing
      • CDL Violations
      • Construction Zone
      • School Zone
      • No Insurance
      • Leaving the Scene
      • and many other violations

Start early and build an aggressive legal defense with guidance of an Illinois traffic lawyer who can make a big difference in your case.

If you face a traffic violation charge in Cook, Will or DuPage Counties, call Donald DeWilkins to discuss your legal rights and options, today at (708) 349-5611.

*Case results depend on specific details of each investigation.